What is the French currency?
The Euro, which nowadays is about $ 1.30 to 1 Euro, and of course varies with Market.

What is the best way for currency exchange?
My preference is a debit card. It is the easiest and most accessible since there are a lot of cash machines. Better than travellers checks since a lot of stores do not accept them, and a bit challenging to find banks who do.

What is the weather in June?
Generally June has a beautiful weather, warm, but not too intense. And then, there are always suprises.

What to bring?
Clothing for both summer and cool weather. nights could be cool, or even sometimes during the day. Comfortable shoes and wear for hiking, rain poncho might be a good idea. Swimsuit (yes, even in France!) sunscreen and beach towel. You will find english reading material on occasion, but a bit spare and pricy, so bring what you wish for reading your French speaking skills!

What type of transportation?
We will be in 2 vans with 5 or 6 guests in each, driven by Rod and Isabelle.

What is the longest time we will spend in the van travelling?
The longest trip will be about 2 hours.

How about vegetarian food?
Yes, of course, let us know and we will accomodate your needs. France has amazing fresh vegetables and fruits as well as delicious dairy products if you wish.

Where do we need to book our flight to?
Marseille Airport. If you are planning to spend time in France either before or after, Marseille, as well as Aix-en Provence are very easy to get to with the TGV (high speed train).  See LINKS to get to the site.

Mahalo and a bientot,