Bonjour Travelers,

     My first sense of Provence is always its fragrance! Whenever I visit my homeland the first embrace is its heartwarming scent. 

     As soon as I arrive that deep breath is a delight! Then there are the sounds of the ciccadas, I know I am home when I hear them. They love the heat and summer is the only time we are blessed with their songs! They are one of the symbols of Provence and you will see them in different shapes and forms. Provence is a place of tremendous beauty all around; white cliffs, pine trees and the blue Mediterranean Sea.

     I look forward to sharing My Provence with you,

Isabelle Winninger
Aix-en-Provence Provence, Saint Maximin, Le Luberon, La Sainte Baume, Moustiers, Cassis, Marseille, Cotignac, La Ciotat, Bandol, Les Calanques and more!
Travelling through Provence, we will explore old villages perched on top of hills showing off their strength and history, breathtaking coastlines, and bountiful markets where one can find any kind of treasure from gorgeous fresh fruits and cheeses to antiques. 

Provence is filled with wonderful friendly people, irresistible cafes, patisseries, squares, fountains, monuments, and of course... exquisite restaurants from casual delicious creperies to fancy gourmet establishments serving a wide variety of food from all over the world.

Provence has its own unique atmosphere; a beautiful personality, which will stay with you for a life time!

Diving into its rich history and customs, Provence also offers incredible art, from the famous Porcelain in Moustiers to all sorts of paintings all around.

Provence is very well known for its lavender, soaps, fragrances, olive oil, wines and of course for its herbes de Provence!
Overall Provence has a
tremendous amount of charm
that just has to be experienced!

Come Explore Provence with a French Native
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Our Tour of Provence is a 2 week long journey. Travelling through Provence, yet transferring hotels only twice. Our guided tour of the South of France has a substantial amount of focus on nature, with its hikes as well as scenic drives, and many exciting excursions exploring villages, towns and monuments.
The hotel and B&B at which we are staying are both in very quiet and secluded areas. Our Provence Tours are limited to 12 participants, and we will commute in 2 vans, allowing us different activities if need be. We will stay at our first location at"La Sainte Baume"in Provence, South of France, close to Aix-en-Provence, Saint Maximin, Marseille, and Cassis, for 10 days.

All breakfasts and most dinners will be taken at the hotel, our wonderful chef is ready to do his magic, as well as accommodate different needs (for those of us vegetarians).
The Lou Pebredai hotel is situated on top of a hill, on a plateau with beautiful views and a wonderful Provence feel. A scenic winding drive takes us to it . It has a private heated swimming pool, indoor and outdoor dining, ornamental garden setting for rest and enjoyment.  The hotel has Wifi access, and is minutes from delightful hikes to breathtaking views of the South of France, where there is nestled a monastery and church both famous for being on Mary Magdalene's path, and still used as a pilgrimage by many.
The little village offers a post office, tourist office, bakery, a bar and that is it! From this peaceful setting we will go and explore Provence daily.

  Our second location is the Hotel Cardinal, very conveniently located in Aix-en-Provence historical old town and of a very classic french style . Our third location is Les Grandes Mollieres Bed and Breakfast located half way between Provence and the Alps, in "Haute Provence" (High Provence), and about 1.5 hour drive from Aix-en-Provence. Arriving at our destination is a magical moment: our B&B offers a 360 degree view, and takes us on a journey into the past.  Deep in Provence, this old stone home with its spaciousness has the feel of a castle!
Our hosts are as friendly as can be, and offer delightful homemade meals, as well as horseback riding and cooking classes, which you might choose to take part of (not included).  From there, we will explore the exciting area. (Please see Itinerary)  This location is surrounded by beautiful nature.

The tour is limited to only 12 participants. 
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